Print Specification

  Type Area Trim Bleed
Double Page Spread 265 x 392mm 297 x 420mm 303 x 426mm
Single Page 265 x 190mm 297 x 210mm 303 x 216mm
Half DPS 130 x 392mm 148 x 420mm 154 x 426mm
Half Page Vertical 265 x 90mm 297 x 105mm 303 x 111mm
Half Page Horizontal 130 x 190mm 148 x 210mm 154 x 216mm
Quarter Page Horizontal 65 x 190mm 75 x 210mm 81 x 216mm 
Quarter Page Portrait 130 x 90mm 148 x 105mm 154 x 111mm
Quarter Page Vertical 275 x 45mm 297 x 52mm 303 x 58mm
Special Promotions
Please speak to Luke Wikner on 01727 739160 for further information on design specifications.
Required Format
Press-ready, high-res pdf, with 3mm bleed all-round and crop marks in situ.
DPS files to be supplied as SEPARATE single pages.
Send artwork to:
Copy to come as a digital file either via email: luke@fleetworldgroup.co.uk or on CD direct to: Luke Wikner, Head of Production, Fleet World Group, 18 Alban Park, Hatfield Road, St. Albans Hertfordshire AL4 0JJ.